Zeldzame zwarte opaal uit Lightning Ridge

A very special and rare Black Opal from Lightning Ridge with museum grade specifics. This Black Opal is of museum grade quality making it a collectors Opal or have it set in a high end piece of jewelry. The oval Black Opal from Lightning Ridge weighs exactly 2 carats and displays amazing color, brightness and pattern. Extremely bright… Lees verder »

Witte opaal uit het Eight Mile Field South Australia

Large White Opal from Eight Mile Field, South Australia, which is known for producing exceptional stones. Mined in 1955, this red and blue free form stone is ready to set into a ring or pendant. A White Opal unset stone which is one of many opals from a retired miners stock. White Opal is not known for it’s… Lees verder »

Boulder opaal met Flag Harlequin pattern

SOLID BOULDER OPAL A beautiful large opal with a Flag Harlequin pattern with a touch of Chaff pattern. Sparkles of red to gold, green to blue. This SOLID BOULDER Opal is from the Queensland mining fields in Australia. A gem quality opal showing a beautiful Flag Harlequin pattern with a touch of Chaff pattern is captured in this… Lees verder »

Boulder Matrix Opaal Quilpy Outback Queensland

Solid Boulder Matrix Opal from Quilpy, Outback Queensland. The colors and excitement are turned on!! Just like Carnivale in Rio this Opal has color galore, all shifting and changing, whilst gliding vividly over the face of the Opal. So LARGE is this opal, that the eyes can feast on all the colors at once! The face is filled… Lees verder »

Grote kristal opaal Coober Pedy

A Crystal Opal of almost 19 carats with very bright colors. One only. A Crystal Opal from Coober Pedy that has a rare combination of size, color and brightness – very unique. Red, Yellow and Blue patches cover the entire 18.93 carat stone, top to bottom which would be impressive if set in a Pendant. Not only does… Lees verder »

Bush Fire

A unique Black Opal picture stone that is very big flashing bright fiery colors. A Black Opal stone that is very big with a picture that looks to be a burnt tree in a bush fire – very unique! The N3 Lightning Ridge Black Opal weighs 28 carats and flashes mainly Red and Orange that the video below… Lees verder »

Solar Delight

GEM QUALITY Solid Boulder Opal from Outback Queensland. A Fabulous Colorshow AND A Fantastic Pattern!!!! No less than a “FLAG HARLEQUIN” Pattern on the entire face of this L-A-R-G-E Opal!!! The Flag Harlequin Pattern is RARE and highly sought after by the world’s most enthusiastic opal collectors!! Barrie O’Leary raves about this pattern as follows in his book… Lees verder »